iSupply for retailers

Whether you're a giant in the field of Made to Measure fashion sales or have a boutique shop, iSupply offers a simple software solution for you. The platform allows you quick and easy access to all necessary supplier data to optimise your customer's shopping experience. Use the system to put a made to measure design together on the spot; tailormade to fit your customer's wishes. View the production process at the supplier and provide accurate information on the delivery of items. Connect the platform to all other systems that you are using: webshop, CRM and others.

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Benefit from Made to Measure fashion:

Made to Measure fashion is becoming increasingly popular; shoppers are progressively diverting from mass products. Customers are willing, but the offer in Made to Measure fashion can be limited and expensive. iSupply aims to bridge the gap between the customer looking for a made to measure experience and the retailer willing to provide that experience.


  1. 1 Work with all your suppliers in one system
  2. 2 Connect any other systems
  3. 3 Train your employees in one system
  4. 4 Keep track of sales