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    Curious what iSupply can do for you? 

  • iSupply: the SaaS-partner for Made to Measure fashion

    Reap the benefits

    Imagine a day when you’re not interrupted by the order and delivery processes but get to do what you love; provide your customers with a great fashion experience. iSupply paves the way for a simpler process, to help you speed up daily tasks and lose the clutter that separate systems can cause.

    iSupply provides a complete order flow and collection management system. Retailers can order garments from multiple producers through one portal. For suppliers, we provide a safe and flexible environment to manage their customers' collections and deliver fast with a minimum of errors.


    A platform where retailers communicate with different suppliers, check and update their inventory and place orders for customers.


    Use iSupply instore with a customer to put together customized made to measure fashion; select fabric, color, style and size, and send your order to a connected supplier. 


    iSupply ensures a complete process for any retailer who provides made to measure fashion.

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    • One system – when you choose iSupply, you choose a platform that includes your marketing outlets, your cash system, logistics, order process and order status.

    • Full integration – easily access an overview of all available cutting patterns, fabrics and fabric supplies through iSupply’s Digimodi integration.
    • Lead-time/time to market – reduce your lead-time and time to market by using a system that combines all supplier and customer data to create a quick production process.

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    • Reduce margin of error – by having all available information gathered in one system, the margin of error will reduce drastically. Customer sizes, fabric picks and delivery data will be visible in one overview, even when you order from different suppliers.

    • Save time  train your employees efficiently in one system that houses all your necessary software to save time that can be spent on helping customers.